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I have an Ext Editor Grid with a NumberColumn. The column's editor is set to an Ext.form.TextField. This grid is populated by JSON and data is submitted as JSON.

My problem is that when the user enters a number in this column, it is sent as a string instead of a number. In other words, it looks like this Property: "500" and what I want is this, Property: 500.

My column definition:

new Ext.grid.NumberColumn ({
            header: 'Area (ha)',
            dataIndex: 'Area',
            format: '0',
            width: 60,
            editor: new Ext.form.TextField({
                allowBlank: false

And the field definition for this column:

{ name: 'Area'}

I've tried this but it does nothing:

{ name: 'Area', type: 'int' }

Any ideas? Thanks!

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You should accept the first answer here. –  Erik Allik Nov 22 '11 at 17:34

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Found a resolution. Apparently there's a Ext.form.NumberField. It's not listed in the ExtJS documentation, I had to search for it.

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It is also useful to note that in order to actually get typed values out of the form, getValues is not suitable.

Ext.form.Basic also has a method getFieldValues which will return the values as you would want them when POST'ing JSON (or other non-stringified format). This will return numberfields as integers, checkboxes as booleans, etc.

P.S. getFieldValues is just a wrapper around getValues; it uses the undocumented 4th parameter of it called useDataValues, the name of which of course is confusing, not to mention the name getFieldValues.

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