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I'm just getting started with ASP.NET MVC. I'm following the NerdDinner tutorial (http://tinyurl.com/aspnetmvc).

On page 20 of the PDF.

I am adding a new SQL Server database to the project, and confirming that I want to add the .mdf file to the App_Data folder (from the prompt "Do you want to place the file in the App_Data folder?"). But immediately after clicking "Yes" I get an error message "Login failed for user VIDEO\webmaster", with a single OK button.

Note that the database does not yet exist and is supposed to be created after I click yes.

I am using Visual Web Developer 2010 Express on Windows XP. My login (webmaster) has admin rights. At this point I have not written any code at all.

Any ideas what the problem could be?

thanks in advance,


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You should have SQL server express installed as well. If not, install it. If it is, not sure what the problem is. I Have VS 2008 and when I right click on the app data folder, add -> new item, pick sql server database and give it a name, the database opens right up. VS 2008 does not prompt for "Do you want to place..."

Good luck. I started MVC about a year ago on nerd dinner :)

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