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I'm trying to use multi-touch in an Android 2.0 app. How can I simulate this with an emulator using Eclipse? I can only seem to get the mouse to do one touch at a time.

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Current version of emulator doesn't support multi-touch. You need device to do it!

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Especially Eclipse ;) –  cement Oct 7 '10 at 18:50

Since ADT 17, it is possible to use a physical Android 4.0 device to send multitouch gestures to the emulator. See Android's instructions here.

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You can follow this ticket on Android's Google code page if you want, but there's currently no support for this.

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If you have an old pre-ADT 17 phone, you can still do it. But the emulator has to be running a recent version of android.

Here is a compiled version of sdkcontroller app the based on ADT10...

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