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Is it possible?

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Use something like:

hg log --user whoever@example.com | grep --count "user"   # UNIX or Windows with grep installed.
hg log --user whoever@example.com | find /c "user"   # Windows.

If your grep doesn't have a --count option, it may well have an equivalent -c option.

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better to use log -q |wc -l –  tonfa Oct 7 '10 at 21:27

I would use the churn extension which generates nice histograms for this. It looks like this for one of my repositories:

$ hg churn --changesets
mg@daimi.au.dk               1034 ******************************************
mkeller@cs.au.dk              132 *****
mg@cs.au.dk                   102 ****
janus.nielsen@alexandra.dk     87 ****
mk@daimi.au.dk                 32 *
stm@daimi.au.dk                15 *
mas@daimi.au.dk                13 *
tpj@cs.au.dk                   10 
tomas@daimi.au.dk               6 
tordr@item.ntnu.no              5 
ivan@cs.au.dk                   1 
Marc X. Makkes                  1 
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