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I am using C#.net for application development.

To log and debug exceptions, I use the stacktrace.

I executed my application on another machine, but when errors occur it refers to the path of my development machine.

Ex:   D:\Projects\xyz.CS line no :12 _Error_message_here.

Why does it trace to the path on my development machine path even though I am running the application on another machine?

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The original compiled path is stored in the debug information within the PDB files.

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Thank you for your informative Reply –  xyz Dec 23 '08 at 10:05

Because it's telling you where to find the problem in your source code. So when you see this, you can go to your machine and open the file reported (e.g. "D:\Projects\xyz.cs"), go to the reported line (e.g. 12) and fix the problem.

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