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I have Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate installed. It includes a lot of features that I rarely use, mostly around Team Explorer and Architecture and Modeling Tools. These things have a ton of commands and menus and context menu items that really clutter my display and probably slow down VS launching etc.

Is it possible to deactivate these components without uninstalling Ultimate and installing Pro instead? I do use these components on rare occasions and don't want them completely gone, just temporarily disabled.

I looked at the installer's "change" options, and it only has high level options like "C#" and "Visual Basic", nothing about the modeling tools. These components also do not show up in the addins or extensions lists.

(I'm fine with a hacky solution, like renaming a folder or editing an XML file.)

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I've found that removing menu items is a bad idea. In the past I have found VS crashing on startup for some reason, only to discover that some add-in that overwrite a built-in feature with its own menu caused a crash. Had to restore menus from defaults to repair. Sometimes it is safe, sometimes not. I believe it was something TFS related that crashed if its menu items did not exist..may have been database commands though. Can't remember. – scobi Sep 14 '11 at 23:07
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Adam Driscoll to the rescue.

He wrote a tool called VSTweaker that does exactly this.

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