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This: Intro to object states lists the four permutations of presence-in-DB/presence-in-session:

transient, pending, persistent & detached

Is there any way of querying a given object to return which of the four states the object is in?

I tried rooting around in _sa_instance_state but couldn't find anything relevant.


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Better use Inspection API:

from sqlalchemy import inspect
state = inspect(obj)

# Booleans
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Note that state.deleted is only updated after a Session.flush() actually removes the record from the database. Before flush(), it seems that the only way to check whether Session.delete() has been called on the object is to look for it in Session.deleted as @Erik49 suggests. – qris Apr 1 '15 at 10:26

[Update: This answer is for versions before 0.8]

Found it here:

from sqlalchemy.orm import object_session 
from sqlalchemy.orm.util import has_identity 

# transient: 
object_session(obj) is None and not has_identity(obj) 
# pending: 
object_session(obj) is not None and not has_identity(obj) 
# detached: 
object_session(obj) is None and has_identity(obj) 
# persistent: 
object_session(obj) is not None and has_identity(obj) 
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This is definitely not the most obvious way! I think the code is more readable if you use inspect(obj) as shown above by @kolypto. – qris Apr 1 '15 at 10:09
Thanks @qris - have changed accepted answer. Question was asked before inspect system was introduced. – EoghanM Apr 2 '15 at 11:39

Another option is object_state, retuning an InstanceState:

from sqlalchemy.orm.util import object_state

state = object_state(obj)
# here are the four states:
state.transient  # !session & !identity_key
state.pending    #  session & !identity_key
state.persistent #  session &  identity_key
state.detached   # !session &  identity_key
# and low-level attrs
state.has_identity # bool(identity_key)
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Looks like these properties were added in SQLA 0.8 – EoghanM May 15 '14 at 11:16

another option, which lists ALL objects in particular states within a session:

# pending objects recently added to the Session

# persistent objects which currently have changes detected
# (this collection is now created on the fly each time the property is called)

# persistent objects that have been marked as deleted via session.delete(obj)

# dictionary of all persistent objects, keyed on their
# identity key
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Note that session.deleted contains the object only between delete() and flush(), while inspect(object).deleted returns True only after flush(), so these are not equivalent. – qris Apr 1 '15 at 10:27

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