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I am trying to create a custom component using Java AWT or Swing which will be a rectangle with a number of components inside of it, including other rectangles. Something like this:

║  ┌┐  ║
║  ├┘  ║
║      ║

And this needs to be a component that I can preferably draw with one instruction. Something like myFrame.add(new MyComponent()).

What would you say is the best way to do this? Is there a way I can do this using Rectangle, or should I go with JPanel or something from Swing?

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I would recomend extending a JPanel and overriding it's paintComponent() method. See another answer of mine for some help on that.

Basically, when a rectangle is 'drawn' on your panel, you will want to save it as a member of the Jpanel. Then, in the paintComponent method, you will just draw all of the rectangles you have saved in your JPanel.

This is how I would implement a 'draw' method:

List<Rectangle> recs;
List<Stroke> strokes;
List<Color> colors;
public void drawRectangle(Rectangle newR, Stroke stroke, Color c){

And, the paint component will look similar to:

protected void paintComponent(Graphics g){
    for (int i = 0; i < recs.size(); i ++) {
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"a number of components" -> JPanel with a layout manager to place each component

"draw" -> override paint on component

Check the Java Tutorial Swing section.

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