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I currently have a simple form for customer feedback / customer issues, this form send an email to and then we check that and reply to any inquiries.

I'd like to implement a proper ticketing system where a ticket is opened for each issue, and replies can be done via email or via a form (that displays all previous replies), etc.

Does anybody know of such a beast ? Something php/mysql based and that is not too heavy - i don't want a full CRM or so, just the ticketing really.

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Here's a complete list of open source e-ticket systems:

I personally use e-ticket support. It's about as scary simple as it gets, which is all my business needs. Simple entry, file attachments, email notifications, stored responses, and a simple dashboard. Beware, though, customization can be a bit of a bear because the developers include files that include files that include other files.......However, it's just fine out of the box if you don't plan to do any hacking.

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I ended up using - very straightforward, easy to setup and easy to integrate into my site. highly recommended if you just want a bare-bones help-desk system.

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Update : I bailed on hesk after spending a day looking through the code, integrating it into our existing system will be too much of a hassle. – Sherif Buzz Oct 27 '10 at 15:14
We did the same, Sherif. The table system they use is atrrocious. osticket seems ok, but again is dreadfully coded for todays sleek look. I just couldnt be bothered messing with them anymore – 422 Nov 25 '10 at 7:08

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