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I'm using Microsoft linkd.exe tool to create symlinks, but then I typed linkd -d and it created a link called "-d"

now I cant remove "-d"

LOL this sucks.

So i renamed it to ddd so it wouldnt think it was an option.

But I still need to know how to unlink things =/

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This makes it appear that the contents of the bar directory is inside the foo directory:

linkd foo bar

And this breaks the link:

linkd foo /D

You have to be careful, as some actions delete the contents of bar instead of breaking the link. For example, don't delete things.

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no actually you have to use the linkd.exe tool still. del {linkfile} remove all the content at the source =/ oops!

linkd /d

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Big oops! I'm going to delete my answer. You might want to rewrite your answer to directly say del linkfile will do that, instead of referring to my soon-to-be-missing one. – Stephen P Oct 15 '10 at 17:20

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