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I want to check the following with regular expression


Today - will be remains as it is. In the place of Format, we can allow the digits from 0 to 12.

for example: we have to allow


and also have to allow


Please help me and also refer me to some site to develop my regular expression skills.

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Why down votes??? – some Dec 23 '08 at 11:26
Just FYI, 'regex' is a far more common tag than 'regular-expression' or similar. – cletus Dec 23 '08 at 12:01


  • Open curly brace;
  • 'Today,';
  • Optionally one of the following: a digit (0-9), 1 followed by 0, 1 or 2 (10,11,12), 'Format'; and then
  • Close curly brace.

As for resources I can recommend this site on regular expressions and the book Mastering Regular Expressions.

share|improve this answer is a brilliant web-based regex generator...

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You might also find this list of regular expression software quite useful. Rubular is my favorite.

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This is a short cheat sheet to regex.

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