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I have a programs that runs several threads (on a while loop until Ctrl C is pressed). The app also has a GUI that I developed in PyQt. However, I am facing the following problem:

If I press Ctrl C on the console, and then close the GUI, the program exits fine. However, if I close the GUI first, the other threads won't stop and the program keeps running after Ctrl C. Anyone knows how I could address this problem?

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If you close the GUI, why is the program still running, Ctrl-anything notwithstanding? Normal behavior for a Qt GUI-based program is to terminate when all the windows close. –  Mike DeSimone Oct 7 '10 at 22:59

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In Qt you would overload the OnClose method for the widget/frame or hook the lastwindowsdclosed signal to do whatever you need to shut down the app - don't know if it's diiferent from python

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