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I'm trying to do a p4 move to retain the perforce history. P4 moves created a delete/add operation in my default changelist. The documentation assures me that p4 move will retain history via an 'integration record'.

Now I want to submit the p4 move (delete/add) operation part of a changelist. How do I make sure that Perforce will do the move properly rather then delete/add as currently indicated by my changelist and lose the history? Can I see if the 'activation record' will created when the changelist is submitted?

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You can use p4 opened to see the status of the opened files in your changelist. The following sequence of commands illustrates what happens during a p4 move.

$ p4 open icons.zip
$ p4 opened 
//full/depot/path/to/icons.zip#1 - edit default change (ubinary)
$ p4 move icons.zip foo.zip
//full/depot/path/to/foo.zip#1 - moved from //full/depot/path/to/icons.zip#1
$ p4 opened
//full/depot/path/to/foo.zip#1 - move/add default change (ubinary)
//full/depot/path/to/icons.zip#1 - move/delete default change (ubinary)
$ p4 changelist 
Change 350425 created with 2 open file(s).
$ p4 opened
//full/depot/path/to/foo.zip#1 - move/add change 350425 (ubinary)
//full/depot/path/to/icons.zip#1 - move/delete change 350425 (ubinary)

As you can see, the creation of a new pending changelist didn't change the status of the opened files at all, it pertains the move/add + move/delete action. If this is not what you were looking for, please edit your question.

Note: the above was tested with P4D/2009.2 (Server) and p4/2010.1 (Client).

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Haha, I had no p4 at hand and assumed the OP had tried p4 opened and that is was not informative. +1 – Peter G. Oct 8 '10 at 11:46
I was mislead to believe that the eclipse p4 plugin's changelist pane was similar to p4 opened. p4 opened give me exactly the info I need. Thanks! – Chazz Oct 8 '10 at 18:11

I have no idea how to query for a pending move operation.

If I don't know what operation is pending but I know that it should be a move and it is vital for me that the submit record be a move, then I would revert the files in question and again call p4 move on them.

Update: I see in the other answer that p4 opened reports pending moves.

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P4 creates 2 changes for move:

move/add and move/delete

You can commit those and both will be in the changelist.

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