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I need to retrieve URL from current Web page opened in Firefox by using Wicket. Can somebody tell me how to do that?

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You need to query the underlying HTTPServletRequest:

public class DummyPage extends WebPage{

    private String getRequestUrl(){
        // this is a wicket-specific request interface
        final Request request = getRequest();
        if(request instanceof WebRequest){
            final WebRequest wr = (WebRequest) request;
            // but this is the real thing
            final HttpServletRequest hsr = wr.getHttpServletRequest();
            String reqUrl = hsr.getRequestURL().toString();
            final String queryString = hsr.getQueryString();
            if(queryString != null){
                reqUrl += "?" + queryString;
            return reqUrl;
        return null;




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To get the current page's url use the webrequest and UrlRenderer:

Url url = ((WebRequest)RequestCycle.get().getRequest()).getUrl();
String fullUrl = RequestCycle.get().getUrlRenderer().renderFullUrl(url);
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The solution from Sean Patrick Floyd seems to be obsolete for wicket 1.5

If using wicket 1.5 (or above I guess) here is the solution:



Getting a url for display

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Good to know, thanks (+1) – Sean Patrick Floyd Aug 10 '11 at 13:10

Depending on what exactly you want, this may not be possible. There is a short guide here in the Wicket wiki, but it has some caveats, notably that it only returns a relative URL in versions of Wicket after 1.3. That said, the method used is

String url = urlFor("pageMapName", MyPage.class, new PageParameters("foo=bar"));

If you go with the wiki's alternate method — the one involving the form — be warned: getPage() is not part of Wicket's public API.

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This works. I'm using wicket 1.5;

new URL(RequestCycle.get().getUrlRenderer().renderFullUrl( Url.parse(urlFor(HomePage.class,null).toString()))).getAuthority();


getAuthproty() will return

getHost() will return

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