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As I've understood the browser will freeze all DOM rendering when it sees a script tag and only continues once it has processed it. When I inserted an external javascript file (typekit) directly in the HTML this seemed to be the case, but now that I'm including it dynamically it causes a repaint of the window. Is it possible fixing this issue?

I'm playing around with YUI3 and yes I know the Y.Get.script works as well but I wanted to try it without the framework as well. Using the framework function causes the same sort of repaint.

Live Example:

With Loader: http://oxy.fi/oxy/ (and oxy/without_loader.php, not allowed to post more than one link)

YUI().use(function(Y) {

var modules = {
        modernizr: {
            head: true,
            js: ["scripts/modernizr-1.5.min.js"]
        typekit: {
            head: true,
            js: ["http://use.typekit.com/xxxxxxx.js"],
            onSuccess: function () { try{ Typekit.load(); } catch (e) {} }

for(var index in modules) {

    var module = modules[index],
        css = module.css,
        js = module.js;

    delete module.js;
    delete module.css;

    if(module.head) {
        var head = document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0],

        while(js[i]) {
            var script = document.createElement("script");

            script.type = "text/javascript",
            script.src = js[i];

            if(i === js.length-1 && module.onSuccess) {
                script.onload = module.onSuccess;
    } else {
        var obj = Y.Get.script(js, module);


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I've never had an issue like that. Can you give us a sample page? –  galambalazs Oct 8 '10 at 6:30
Sure, I added them now so you can have a look. As you can see, with the loader it's only the typekit fonts that repaint while the google one (included in the HTML) renders once only. Seems the rendering actually works alot better in Firefox than in Chrome... –  oxy Oct 8 '10 at 8:22

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