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I am experimenting with prolog, reading "Programming in prolog using the ISO standard, fith edition". I have installed yap (yet another prolog) on my ubuntu 10.10 Maverick RC system, installed using synaptic. I am running prolog from within emacs23 using prolog-mode.

The following code (from chapter five of book) does not give results as in book:

/*   FILE   history_base.pl   */                                                    
use_module(library(lists)) /* to use member/2    */                   


% Restoring file /usr/lib/Yap/startup
YAP version Yap-5.1.3

< reading the above file into yap>

  ?- mywhen("Denmark",D).

which is not what the book gives!

Now adding to the file above the line (from the book):

hello1(Event):- read(Date), event(Date,Event).

Gives this error when reading the file into yap

(using "consult buffer" in the prolog menu in emacs):

  ?-  % reconsulting /tmp/prolcomp14814QRf.pl...    
     SYNTAX ERROR at /tmp/prolcomp14814QRf.pl, near line 3:   
 use_module( library( lists ) )                                                    
<    ==== HERE ====>                              
 event( 1505 , [ Euclid , translated , into
 , Latin ] ).
 % reconsulted /tmp/prolcomp14814QRf.pl in module user, 0 msec 752 bytes

¿Any comments?

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Perhaps you should terminate the use_module(library(lists)) statement with a . and declare it as a directive, i.e.:

:- use_module(library(lists)).

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Thanks for the answer. I did as you said, and now prolog accepts the file without problems. But still it do not work as expected: –  kjetil b halvorsen Oct 8 '10 at 16:05
The above terminated too soon!. It should have continued: –  kjetil b halvorsen Oct 8 '10 at 16:06
% reconsulted /tmp/prolcomp14814QRf.pl in module user, 0 msec 8064 bytes yes ?- mywhen("Denmark",D). no ?- –  kjetil b halvorsen Oct 8 '10 at 16:07

You have to write Denmark between single quotes instead of double quotes, i.e.:

?- mywhen('Denmark', D).

When you put Denmark between double quotes, the prolog interprets it as a list of character codes instead of an atom, but in the definition of event it is written as an atom (between single quotes).

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Yep, atoms are not strings in Prolog, so 'Denmark' is not the same as "Denmark"; the latter is syntactic sugar for [68, 101, 110, 109, 97, 114, 107] (a list of character codes, as gusbro has said). –  sharky Oct 9 '10 at 4:23

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