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In IRB, I can do this:
c = /(\b\w+\b)\W*(\b\w+\b)\W*(\b\w+\b)\W*/.match(" !!one** *two* @@three@@ ")

And get this:
=> MatchData "one** *two* @@three@@ " 1:"one" 2:"two" 3:"three"

But assuming I don't know the number of words in advance, how can I still extract all words out of the string". For example, it might be " !!one** *two* @@three@@ " in one instance, but might be " !!five** *six* " in another instance.


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> " !!one** *two* @@three@@ ".scan(/\w+/)
=> ["one", "two", "three"]

Also, scan can return array of arrays in case of using ().

> "Our fifty users left 500 posts this month.".scan(/([a-z]+|\d+)\s+(posts|users)/i)
=> [["fifty", "users"], ["500", "posts"]]

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