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MKCoordinateRegion region1; = 50.366772; = 20.010607;
    region1.span.longitudeDelta = 0.01f;
    region1.span.latitudeDelta = 0.01f;     

    MyAnnotation *ann1 = [[MyAnnotation alloc] init];
    ann1.title = @"Text1";
    ann1.subtitle = @"Text2\n, Text3\n, Text4\n";   
    ann1.coordinate =;
    [mapView addAnnotation:ann1];

I want to show the multiple line text for subtitle in google map.If i give the \n to break the line,it display directly the \n in google map.How can i show the multilple lines?


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The default style only supports the title and subtitle. Neither title nor subtitle can include line breaks. You cannot do this without subclassing.

To use a custom view review Apple's sample code:

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That link is redirecting to the main iOS Developer Library page. Do you know where that sample has been moved to? – Bill the Lizard Oct 30 '13 at 12:21

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