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While using Silverlight, if you have a lot of pages, what are the techniques that can be used for transition from one page to another.

Basically, I want to create a MainPage that would have different sections, let's say TopLeft, TopRight, BottomRight, MainArea. These different sections will load different pages with a transition.

Edit> I think the question was not as clear at it could have been... I want to get an "effect" while another page loads in the same area. Something like "slide in", "slide out", etc.

Any suggestions?

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Check the Fluid Layout

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You could use the deep linking mechanism in Silverlight which is based on the hash part of the URL (#) to perform navigation without reloading the hosting page.

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Thanks for your response Darin. I am actually looking for "transition" effects between a page. Like, I don't want the other page to "appear", I want it to "slide in" or "slide out" or "some other effect". – Rahul Soni Oct 8 '10 at 7:24

Silverlight business application template can be useful for your requirements. and see this sample aslo

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