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My Ajax functions gives me HTML-Elements as String back, and this String I want to append in my Document as DOM Element.

Something like


What will be the best way to do this.

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parentNode.innerHTML += responseText;
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you can use innerText to do it

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Cant use innerText to append DOM since it will append it as TEXT. He must use innerHTML to append that string as HTML (DOM)! Since you are new no -1, but in future... – Cipi Oct 8 '10 at 7:28
yep, you are right. sorry. – Danil Oct 8 '10 at 7:36

There can be more possible cases. You should clarify a bit.

  1. If you get a string that should be an object and it's not existing yet, then you should use this: var tempObj = document.createElement("yourString"); then you can just use tempObj to handle it.

  2. If you get a string that is the name or ID of an existing object, then use: var tempObj = document.getElementByName("yourString");


var tempObj = document.getElementById("yourString"); 
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You can use the DOM methods this library provides, for example the insert() or update() method:




Note that innerHTML is not standarized yet, so using prototype, you can be sure those methods are cross browser compatible.

Good luck!

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The simple way for converting String to DOM and vice versa is presented on this link:

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The link doesn't open for me. But telling from the URL, it's about Java. The OP asked for a JavaScript solution. – tomekwi Feb 27 '15 at 19:14

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