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I´d like to know how to upload to a Google Spreadsheet, values stored in the database of my application.

Connecting to Google Spreadsheet and automatically fill in a chart in the admin area with values that were passed by the upload.

I've been giving a look in the docs and it seems to me that I have to use Bulk Loader. Is this the only way? If yes how to configure the Handler if I have a spreadsheet as a link to link text

Someone could make a script to access the Google Spreadsheet and pass the values of a Model?


class User (db.Model):
    photo= db.BlobProperty()
    name = db.StringProperty (required = True)
    surname = db.StringProperty (required = True)
    adress = db.PostalAddressProperty (required = True)
    phone = db.PhoneNumberProperty (required = True)
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SO works best when you have tried something yourself. If you want others to write your code, then you should pay them. –  Tim McNamara Oct 8 '10 at 9:44

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The Bulk Loader has nothing to do with interacting with a Google Docs Spreadsheet. It is used for adding records to your application's datastore.

To manipulate a Google Spreadsheet, you'll need to use the Google Spreadsheet API, which you could easily find on your own using Google.

No one here is going to write this code for you. This is not a free code-writing service. If you write some code that doesn't work and need some help figuring out why, edit your question and include the code along with a thorough description of what isn't working and why if you have any idea.

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Ok, I'll take a look first at the Google Spreadsheet API. I misread the information on the Bulk Uploader. –  Martinho Oct 8 '10 at 19:44

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