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i created a WCF service that also writes into a log file. i put it On the IIS and run the SVC file to check if it runs ok and it does.

how do i simulate its methods? do i create another web site that calls its methods, and use the log file to trace its steps ? can i install WCFTestClient on the test server ?

what is the best way to simulate wcf methods without a VS2010 installed ?

in asmx services you just "browse" the service and input the parameters in the service methods, can i do that in WCF methods ?

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You don't need to install WCFTestClient on the server. You could use it from a remote machine to call the service. If your service uses an interoperable binding you could also take a look at SoapUI.

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i want to test the service from the test server itself, so i dont have access to a remote machine. HTTP GET i can test from the browser. and for Soap requests i'll try the link you suggested. thanks! –  Rodniko Oct 8 '10 at 9:11

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