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I'm using mercurial as a SCM, and an output from the hg parents command in my makefile to store build number and version information in my program. However, mercurial is not always present on machines where I try to build the program. Thus, hg parent fails.
I'd like to use a substitute string (hard-coded or output from other program) when mercurial is not available. But I'm no good in makefile scripting.
Can you provide a hint how to compose a makefile-command that would store the output from a hg parents if it's available, or output from date if hg is not available, in the internal variable.

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This is bit cranky but it works for me:

X=$(shell hg parent || date)
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Cranky how? This is how I'd do it, with the possible exception of making a small shell script to do a test for hg first, then hg parents or date. That way, you don't have command not found messages. –  Jack Kelly Oct 10 '10 at 20:16

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