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How do I parse the following in TinyXML:

<multi_path literal="not_measured"/>

I am able to easily parse the below line:


The problem is that the first statement is not getting parsed the normal way. Please suggest how to go about this.

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You'll have to be more explicit: what does "is not getting parsed the normal way" mean ? –  ereOn Oct 8 '10 at 8:05

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Not 100% sure what youre question is asking but here is a basic format too loop through XML files using tinyXML:

/*XML format typically goes like this:
<Value atribute = 'attributeName' >
TiXmlDocument doc("document.xml");
bool loadOkay = doc.LoadFile(); // Error checking in case file is missing
    TiXmlElement *pRoot = doc.RootElement();
    TiXmlElement *element = pRoot->FirstChildElement();
        string value = firstChild->Value(); //Gets the Value
        string attribute = firstChild->Attribute("attribute"); //Gets the attribute
        string text = firstChild->GetText(); //Gets the text
        element = element->NextSiblingElement();
    //Error conditions
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