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Hi friends i am creating newsletter in codeigniter. Is there a way to send multiple email with CI email lib or should i use third party ?

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Using the Email Class, something like:

foreach ($list as $name => $address)

    $this->email->subject('Here is your info '.$name);
    $this->email->message('Hi '.$name.' Here is the info you requested.');

would work. (Straight from the docs). It depends on how many addresses you have, and any constraints such as server/mail queue processing/script time out etc

I'm not personally aware of a 3rd party CI newsletter plugin/library but i haven't looked too hard.

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Straight from the manual…


Sets the email address(s) of the recipient(s). Can be a single email, a comma-delimited list or an array:

$list = array('', '', '');
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