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Is it possible to use Mathematica's manipulate to change variables that have already been declared?


changeme = 8;
p = SomeSortOfPlot[changeme];

The basic idea is that I want to make a plot with a certain changable value but declare it outside of manipulate.

Any ideas?

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One option is to use Dynamic[] and LocalizeVariables -> False.


changeme = 8;
p[x_] := Plot[Sin[t], {t, 1, x}];

 Manipulate[p[changeme], {changeme, 2, 9}, LocalizeVariables -> False], 
 Dynamic[changeme]   (* This line is NOT needed, inserted just to see the value *)

Evaluating "changeme" after the Manipulate action will retain the last Manipulate value.


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You can make the controller show the value of the variable: e.g. Manipulate[p[changeme], {{changeme, 8, Dynamic[changeme]}, 2, 9}, LocalizeVariables -> False] –  Simon Oct 8 '10 at 21:16
@Simon Yes, Thanks. I opted to show the value outside the controller because it seemed aligned with the OP request. –  belisarius Oct 8 '10 at 21:48

If you want anything reasonably complicated or flexible, it is best to use Dynamic and DynamicModule instead of Manipulate. The only exception is if you're writing a demonstration.

For example - a very basic way of doing what you want is (in fact you don't even need the Row and Slider if you want to just change changeme by hand.)

Row[{"x \[Element] (1, ",Dynamic[changeme],")  ",Slider[Dynamic[changeme],{2,9}]}]
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I often put the slider at the start of the Row, because when the number of digits of the Dynamic var changes, produces a ugly visual effect. –  belisarius Oct 8 '10 at 22:09

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