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can we load seed data when start cucumber? Please support me a way.

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You could use Factory Girl to in your cucumber tests to setup your 'stuff'

  A car exists

Scenario: I drive a car
  Given I am in a car
  And I have keys in the ignition
  When I turn the keys

Then you'll create the car in your step definitions, with something like

@car = Factory.create(:car)
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great. thanks for your support –  khanh Oct 8 '10 at 12:45
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I prefer this approach:


I'm not opening the fixtures vs factories debate, of course, just saying that I've yet to see a case where files of data (seed, or otherwise) cease to be useful.

Once yaml fixtures are defined, they can be instantiated procedurally via Fixtures.create_fixtures per above, or set up as rake tasks.

They're just plain files, not code intended to have side effects - I have more confidence letting non-technical people add their data to fixtures files (esp. CSV).

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