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I want to get class methods in an object. Please see the following example I have a class "user.rb"

class User
  def say_name


  def walk(p1)


  def run(p1, p2)


and I wrote the following code

require 'user.rb'

a = User.new

arr = a.public_methods(all = false)

Above code will return the method name, But my question is I want to get the method name with parameters

def def run(p1, p2)


I want to get the method name ("run") and its parameter names (p1, p2) or parameter count (2)

can someone help me, thanks in advance



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User.new.method(:run).arity   # => 2
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thanks Gishu, works like charm :D –  sameera207 Oct 8 '10 at 9:27
or, if you dont want to create an instance: User.instance_method(:run).arity #=> 2 –  banister Oct 8 '10 at 11:41

if you want parameters then http://github.com/rdp/arguments is your friend

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