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I am building a cakephp app - its a food recommendation service. and i would like to have mobile views for that.

i just wanted to know of the best practise on how it can be done.

Problem is i will have to feed mobile views and city also

i wil have few cities which

so to address a City 1

its will be either or

now i wanna have mobile views with this too. so

it has to either be or

so how is it done the best way. and how to code it in cakephp ?

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You might want to look at this question and my answer. It might be just what you need.

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thanks a lot. since am including cities here. which is the best way to do it ? – Harsha M V Oct 9 '10 at 18:32

There is a great tutorial for Cake 1.2 here that should not be too difficult to port over:

Basically you detect the mobile device within beforeFilter(); and use this to serve mobile optimized layouts.

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