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There are plenty of queue systems like beanstalkd, gearman, etc., but what if you want to run the daemon as a service on windows, and do the processing of the jobs, stored in a sql database, your self?

Mainly I'm asking for suggestions for the best method to process jobs, locking them, etc.

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Could you add more information to the question please. It's pretty broad right now. – Gordon Oct 8 '10 at 9:53
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Try to use CRON + ScriptAlone

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If you really would want to do this in PHP/MySQL I would use


Put simply, a transaction is a series of SQL statements that are executed as a single unit; either all the statements are executed completely or none are executed at all.

  • Add items to a queue tabel which is allready atomically
  • remove items from queue by doing it inside a TRANSACTION(tutorial). first SELECT last item(FIFO). next DELETE that item with id(PK). But do this all inside of a transaction.


First of at all I would no do this in PHP, but in java if I was on the windows platform. I created a really simple message queue in java which I will package as a single jar and share with stackoverflow later when I have time.

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