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I need to install a PHP site on a Microsoft server. For some reason the host isn't allowing the site to send e-mails. The host has sent me a code sample... which didn't work.

Is there a way to check if the server allows sending of e-mails through the php mail() function?

At this stage it is all about finger pointing and I need some proof here to show the client that the host is at fault.

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Have you tried it before posting your question here? –  fabrik Oct 8 '10 at 10:29

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In Linux, by default mail() function uses sendmail from operating system.

In Windows, by default mail() doesn't do anything, you have to set it up editing php.ini file.

You can check what options from php.ini your hosting is using, writing a showinfo.php file, and inside it, write:


Then if you call that webpage, it will show you all enabled options.

To be able to send mail on Windows, these two values should be set up similar like these:

SMTP = smtp.isp.net (the name or ip of your server)
sendmail_from = me@isp.net
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