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I have a blog in blogspot and I would like to add in my right panel an image with a link. When the visitor clicks on it it will open that link.

For example, let say I add the logo of "NYTimes" and the user clicks on it and the nytimes page opens.

Edit: I tried the Gadget Add JavaScript/Html code and I put this

   <a href="www.nytimes.com" >
   <img src="logo.png" height="15" width="80" />

but it try to link to myblogXXX.blogspot.com/www.nytimes.com Thanks

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The idea is absolutely correct. Just change add http to your address and blogger will stop trying to look within your blog:

<a href="http://www.nytimes.com" >
<img src="logo.png" height="15" width="80" />

That works for me.

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Yes all is correct but I usually use target and alt attributes with link.

alt="_LITTLE_DESCRIPTION_" Shows up when something wrong and picture don't load in page.

target="_blank" Always open links in new tab. So you can keep visitors in your page longer.

<a href="_YOUR_LINK_"><img style="border:0;" src="_YOUR_PICTURE_LINK_" alt="_LITTLE_DESCRIPTION_" target="_blank" height="15" width="80"/></a>
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