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How can I (or would you) redirect visitors visiting your web pages when they are viewing your site from a mobile phone ?

I want to set up a site with the (standard?) m. prefix.

Idially I would my visitors to be redirected to these pages when they visit my site using a mobile phone ?

I am using Windows IIS6 and IIS7.

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You could check the HTTP_USER_AGENT string sent in the request header. This is unique for each version of each browser. For instance you could check for the presence of 'iPhone' in the HTTP_USER_AGENT to identify iPhone users. You would need to identify all mobile phone browsers.

Or you could check the dimensions of the users viewport. If smaller than a certain size then direct to the 'mobile' phone version?

Just a thought... with mobile phone browsers getting ever more powerful is there always a need to go to a mobile phone version of the site? For instance the iPhone 4 has a massive 960x640 resolution! But I guess it is still a small form factor and users probably interact with it differently.

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Yes you do need to check for certain mobile phones (you could drop a menu from screen f.i.) or restrict the view of only 10 items of a catalogue on screen in stead of 50. I could think of all sorts of reasons. Anyway: it should be done at IIS level, I don't want my pages checking and redirecting this. And if at IIS level, how do you check the dimensions there ? –  Edelcom Oct 8 '10 at 13:23
@Edelcom Using Apache, .htaccess and mod_rewrite you can redirect based on %{HTTP_USER_AGENT}. In fact I have just come across the Apache Mobile Filter? However, I'm not so sure with IIS I'm afraid. To redirect based on screen/viewport size then I would have thought you'd need to do some page-level scripting with either web server? –  w3d Oct 8 '10 at 14:20

I needed this for my own webpage. I evaluated several existing mobile user agent detectors, and created a small PHP script of my own. Not sure if PHP is an option for you. If not, the principles can probably be ported easily to another language/system. You can find the info on my blog.

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