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I have div with id=”content”

The div may contain a lot of

<input id="chkboxtag1" type="checkbox" value="1"/>

Div may contain ul tag. This ul may also contain check boxes. The div may contain divs or ul, it may also contain checkboxes.

Is there any chance that I get values of all checked check boxes inside the div (not necessarily immediate inside the div)?

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var selectedItems = new Array();

$('#content input:checkbox:checked').each(function() {
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By this way, all checked checkboxes on you page will be "alerted" on screen.

See the jQuery Selectors doc

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This doesn't answer the question, this gets all checkboxes on the screen... –  Nick Craver Oct 8 '10 at 12:36
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You can use .map() for this:

var arrayOfValues = $('#content input:checkbox:checked').map(function() {  
                      return this.value; 

This gets an array of the values for the checked checkboxes under <div id="content">, you can use it as an array, or .join(', ') to get a string...whatever use you want really.

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Use the following:

var values = [];
$('#content input[type="checkbox"]:checked').each(function() {
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All above are answeres i thought only immediate child is concodered but Jquery is great!

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