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How do you build a model with the following associations (i tried but couldn't get it to work):

each Order has: a Customer, a SalesRep, many OrderLine that each has an item.

I tried: when I do: Customer.all(Customer.orders.order_lines.item.sku.like => "%BLUE%") the output is :[]
instead of: '[#<"Customer @id=1 @name="Dan Kubb">]'

When I delete SalesRep: it works.

has n, :orders
has n, :items, :through => :order

has n, :orders
has n, :items, :through => :order

belongs_to :customer
belongs_to :technician
has n, :order_lines
has n, :items, :through => :order_line

belongs_to :order
belongs_to :item

has n, :order_lines

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Do it pass DataMapper.finalize? –  yxhuvud Oct 8 '10 at 15:04
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Since the output isn't an error, it could be that you don't actually have the data in your database.

Try the following with irb -r your_models_file.rb: - c = Customer.create(:name => "Dan Kubb")

  • o = Order.new(:customer => c) # Create and add technician unless it's :required => false
  • i = Item.create(:sku => "BLUE") # Plus any other required fields
  • ol = OrderLine.create(:order => o, :item => i)
  • o.order_lines << ol; o.save

That should create the records needed for this to work. Try this out, and if it doesn't work, post your entire models file so we can get a better idea of what's up.

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