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As per the title, will the iOS call EAAccessoryManager.connectedAccessories return connected bluetooth headsets (including those that are not made-for-iphone registered? Dont need to connect but want to know if I can use the proximity of a device to trigger an event.

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No. It will only return EAAccessory instances representing Made for iPod devices that publish a protocol. From the External Accessory Programming Topics:

Communicating with an external accessory requires you to work closely with the accessory manufacturer to understand the services provided by that accessory. Manufacturers must build explicit support into their accessory hardware for communicating with iOS. As part of this support, an accessory must support at least one command protocol, which is a custom scheme for sending data back and forth between the accessory and an attached application.

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Thank you for your response. I too had read this statement but was unsure whether this meant they would not be returned or just return nil when accessed through EASessons – initWithAccessory:forProtocol: method. – Deano Oct 10 '10 at 10:26

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