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Here is my method:

    public static MethodCallExpression ClonePropertyAssignmentLambda<T>(Expression source, string property)
        var targetExp = Expression.Parameter(typeof (T), "target");
        var propertyInfo = typeof (T).GetProperty(property);
        var targetProperty = Expression.Property(targetExp, propertyInfo);
        var sourceProperty = Expression.Property(source, propertyInfo);

        return Expression.Call(targetProperty, ((PropertyInfo) targetProperty.Member).GetSetMethod(), sourceProperty);

Here is how I'm calling it:

ClonePropertyAssignmentLambda<Person>(source, "Name")

I'm getting the error on the Expression.Call line. I get a similar error if I call GetGetMethod.

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You're trying to get the Name property of a string object.

Change it to

return Expression.Call(targetExp, propertyInfo.GetSetMethod(), sourceProperty);
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Thanks, you got it. –  chief7 Oct 8 '10 at 15:33

Never mind, I figured it out like 2 seconds after posting. Why do I always do that?

The first param for Expression.Call should be targetExp.

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Because when you explain things to others, they become clear to you :-) If you didn't write the post, you might have spent much more time figuring things out. –  Alexandra Rusina Oct 8 '10 at 20:18

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