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$('form[role=form]').delegate( "input[role=submit_button]", "click", function() {
    alert( FORM.ID  ); /// ????????????

IMPORTANT: without use closest() or parent() ... you know, when you write $('form[role=form]') here you have the element finded ... why to search it newly ???

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this.form.id should do it ...


All input elements (input, select, button etc) that are contained in a form tag, keep a reference to that container in the .form property.

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You cannot do whitout search it again....


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"You cannot do whitout search it again" — This is not true. – Tomalak Oct 8 '10 at 17:00

In that function this and $(this) will refer to input[role=submit_button] if you want a reference to the form you should save it in a variable before calling delegate so:

var myForm = $('form[role=form]');
myForm.delegate( "input[role=submit_button]", "click", function() {
    alert( myForm.attr("id")  ); /// ????????????
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