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Env: Visual Studio 2008, Shared COM Excel Addin, RibbonX, I use Setup project created in VS 2008

.NET framework 35 SP1

product name changes say: prod name is myProd for version 1.0, prod name is myProdX for version 1.1

  1. When I install version 1.1, I want to uninstall 1.0 first

  2. user setting is saved in a folder A in 1.0, it will be saved to a different folder B in 1.1. I want move the file from 1.0 to 1.1

We do not want to manually do 1 or 2.

Is it possible to achieve the two automatically either in installer or somewhere and how?

thanks for any idea, advice

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After search & experiment, here's how I solved the issue, maybe not the best way 1. keep the same upgradecode in setup project, set removePreviousVersions to true 2. in custom Action, in public override void Install(IDictionary stateSaver) I added code to move files from old folder to new folder

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