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I came across the solution I need in PHP but I need one that I can use that's just as simple in an ASP.NET environment.

I am combining 4 transparent png images to create a single image (Lets say its a custom certificate) with one of 4 background images, one of 4 header logos, one of 18 category titles and another variable image that stack just like they would in Photoshop. Instead of doing up over 1000 images I want the page to generate this image based on input variables.

I am at the point now where everything stacks nicely but I can't for the life of me find a way to merge these images together for the visitor to save locally as a single image.

I found the perfect PHP solution here:


What can I do that accomplishes the same thing?

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Show us the code, so we know what you have done and suggest a solution. –  Oded Oct 8 '10 at 17:56

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.NET has lots of image processing capabilities. Look at the Image class. It lets you load and save images. You can use the Graphics.FromImage() to return a graphics object that will let you draw another graphic onto an existing image. These steps should get you there once you've discovered the details enabling the transparency.

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