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Which is a good java REST framework?

I would like it to be deployed with Tomcat 6.

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See my answer on: RESTFul Web Development with Java EE 6:

I'd recommend you have a look at:

(One question though: why specifically do you need to be able to integrate with Java EE?)

EDIT: In the case where you absolutely want to use the Java EE APIs, then as mentioned by BalusC, JAX-RS is your solution of choice. Restlet and Jersey both support it. I don't know about RESTEasy, but the JAX-RS Wikipedia page mentions it does.

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Also you can try Spring Framework 3.x.x.

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You can try RESTEasy. It isn't application server dependent. (Doesn't require an AS at all).

You can also try an alternative, but you really should use a JAX-RS implementation :

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+1 I would also recommend RESTEasy. – Faisal Feroz Oct 8 '10 at 18:10
I would be interested to know why one should really use a JAX-RS implementation. Is it on technical merit or because it is a JCP standard? What about Spring, Guice, GAE, Android, OSGi and many other non-JCP techs? – Jerome Louvel May 7 '14 at 15:57

AFAIK, Jersey is the JAX-RS reference implementation. I've used it several times for REST webservice servers.

  • Minimal configuration, wide use of Annotations
  • Runs in Tomcat, Grizzly, GlassFish and many others...
  • The best part, the Jersey Test Framework makes it really easy to completely test your service.
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I've had a pretty good experience with Jersey. It's pretty easy to integrate it with Tomcat.

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I have had good experiences with Restlet:

Here is a tutorial on running Restlet in Tomcat:

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Here's the best and easiest:, it works standalone. And here is how to make it work within a server.

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Play! framework is very good, also more easier than Jersey. You can use with or without tomcat.

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