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Trying to work this out for a nice little updater across my web application. The only difference is rather than sorting on a StringProperty as shown in the example I am using an IntegerProperty.

No matter which way round I turn the query I cannot get it to respond correctly to my filters.

bfid = self.request.get("bfid", None)
if bfid == None:
  q = Course.all()
  result = q.get()
  bfid = result.bfid

q = Course.all()
q.filter("bfid <=", bfid)
results = q.fetch(limit=2)

for result in results:
  print result.bfid

No matter what the bfid is, say 10, the two results it returns are 61, 62 which are the largest numbers in the set.

What have I done wrong???

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Could you include the definition of the Course model? –  Robert Kluin Oct 8 '10 at 18:12

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You need to convert bfid to int; self.request.get() returns a string.

You also have a problem with your logic; if bfid is None the query will be done twice, the second time with all results less than or equal to None. (This isn't what's causing your problem here, though.)

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oh sweet, doh! too used to php. oh i see what you mean about double query, just following the example, but i see why you says its not needed. –  user137621 Oct 8 '10 at 18:25

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