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In my code I've connected to the WebView's load-finished event. The particular callback function takes a webview object and frame object as arguments. Then I tried executing get_dom_document() on the frame & the webview objects respectively. It seems this method doesn't exist for those objects...

PS: i started with the tips i got here

UPDATE (11-Sep-2010): I think the link I shared relates to a new & different project. Its not a solution per se. My bad!

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it's definitely there.

and you can't just "take the tips from" you actually have to COMPILE THE CODE (reason: standard pywebkitgtk DOES NOT have W3C DOM accessor functions).

then take a look in pythonwebkit/pywebkitgtk/examples and run and you'll see what to do.


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i forgot to mention (and it wasn't on the documentation, which i've now updated): you specifically need to check out the "python_codegen" branch, otherwise you just end up with plain vanilla webkit. which is of absolutely no use to you.

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