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In Panda3D, I have the following code

self.manager = FilterManager(base.win, base.cam)

self.sceneTex = Texture("scene")
self.depthTex = Texture("depth")

self.quad = self.manager.renderSceneInto(colortex=self.sceneTex, depthtex = self.depthTex)


When I run the above and enable view buffers (show-buffers #t), the "sceneTex" texture looks right. However, "depthTex" is always blank (all black) no matter where I move the camera to. Anyone know what's wrong?


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Perhaps you have disabled your depth test writing ? Even though you might not get any obvious artifacts (depends on your scene) you could be running without a depth buffer. Look in the panda tutorial about depth buffer writing it also tells you about some scenes work better with depth sorting (you perhaps tested this but not reverted your depth buffer disabling code?)

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