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I didn't think this was possible, but mIRC can get the name of a network, even if it is not specified by the user in the server list. I tried using a packet sniffer to see if perhaps there was a message sent on connect that sends the network's name, but I didn't see anything.

The network name is needed to display to the user as well as determine if multiple servers are part of the same network. I'm hoping this is a problem someone else has already solved.

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On connect (or receipt of the VERSION protocol command), the server may send back one or more 005 numerics.

These numerics carry multiple Name=Value pairs, one of which may be NETWORK=<network name>.

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I don't see anything in RFC 1459 about it. Now, that doesn't mean a server here and there doesn't implement a particular command to get this information, but I don't think there is a reliable way to do so.

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