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I am deciding to migrate from NetBeans to PHPStorm IDE, and the only feature I have not found in PHPStorm is "Shift Left (Right), Move Down (Up)", which moves a line on one tab to the left, right, or swaps with next or previous line. Does PHPStorm have any analog of this?

Using Tab or Shift+Tab is not suitable.

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There's no built-in way to Tab/Untab (Indent/Unindent) line w/o making a selection in Jetbrains PhpStorm. So, Tab & Shif+Tab is your only choice.

As for move line Up & Down Try Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down. However this action also interacts with program structure and not just moves line as in text.

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Sucks. PhpStorm really needs hotkeys to shift lines without having to make a selection first. –  ack Aug 27 '12 at 3:51
As a vim user, i find that part of the problem is it's always in "insert" mode. In vim while in normal mode you can press ">>" to indent a line by one level. PHPStorm cannot have the double usage of the keys because its always looking to insert new characters. Thats part of why I consider vim superior, it forces you to spend less time "inserting" and more time thinking about exactly what it is you want to do. –  Mike Graf Nov 7 '12 at 16:32

Select your code and then press Shift+TAB to shift to left or just press TAB to shift to right.

Works in phpstorm and wbestorm.

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