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I want to call a method when a button is in the mouse down state (IsPressed) and call another method when it is released. I can't seem to figure out a simple way to do this.


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If you're in a situation in which you can use bindings, set a OneWayToSource binding on the IsPressed property of the button. When the source property changes, execute your code.

This should work regardless of how the button is pressed.

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I'm still fairly new to WPF. How is this done? Thanks –  baileybbk Dec 23 '08 at 17:10
data binding is a pretty huge topic, but you may be able to get started with this: msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms752347.aspx. At the company where I work, we rarely directly manipulate or poll the state of GUI objects, preferring instead to rely on bindings. –  David Mitchell Dec 24 '08 at 0:40

There are MouseDown and MouseUp events that you can handle to get a similar effect. But that won't handle the keyboard (spacebar) case. You'll have to do that with a KeyDown and KeyUp event.

Also be aware that a MouseDown event MAY not ever be followed by a MouseUp event, if the user moves the mouse after pressing down to a point where it is no longer over the button. (You can capture the mouse in MouseDown to guarantee you get the MouseUp event, I think)

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Take a look at the Mouse class in the System.Windows.Input namespace. There are MouseDown and MouseUp attached events available.

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Certainly there is a better way then trying to intercept the mouse events. Some sort of trigger on the IsPressed propert?

Besides, I'm fairly sure you can't get some of the mouse events on a button as it is being intercepted by the system.

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