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I really don't want to use any software, I want to learn by myself. Nothing like WordPress though. All it is, user goes to and they enter a password. After that all they see is Mark down text-editor. They put in content then click enter. then it generates to the page. Creating a short summery for the front of the page then having a link to the whole page.

How would I accomplish this? Any tutorials?

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In a framework or with vanilla PHP? – mhitza Oct 8 '10 at 20:33
This question is too broad to answer. You need to approach this one problem at a time. Sit down and work out what functionality you need in this CMS. Once you have that, do some research on how to solve the particular problem. ie. I need to implement markdown into my text field. Or how do I structure my database. You can then ask actual questions. SO users can't provide a working CMS for you. If you google "how to create a cms in php" there are lots and lots of basic tutorials which should help you get going. – Bigfellahull Oct 8 '10 at 20:53
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Sounds like you need a basic PHP/MySQL tutorial. Here's an good one:

Once you get through that, building a simple CMS will be a snap.

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