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I understand that XMPP is used in chat services, but it seems to be more generally useful than that. Can someone list some scenarios and examples where you would consider using XMPP, and the pros and cons of it versus other approaches?

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I know that Dropbox uses it for its filesharing system in Android (possibly it does in other platforms too).

Cons: much more verbose than binary (more bandwidth).

Pros: a wide variety of already implemented client and servers. A wide range of already implemented reliability, scalability, security, presence, rpc, federation, custom components, mail, VoIP mechanisms... the list is very very long. Even if you need something different, and you know where to touch, you could extend it to your needs, inheriting all the already implemented features.

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Interesting about Dropbox. Thanks for your response, Mrrtnn. I guess I was wondering in general about the use-cases for XMPP. I saw a lot of custom extensions, but when would you choose to use it and when not? The verbosity is a good point. – Jade Oct 15 '10 at 18:27
Do you have an example of a use case of the kind you mention? I don't understand your point. Thanks. – mschonaker Oct 17 '10 at 4:06

We had a project on collecting information eg. wind direction, temperature, stock and forex, etc. Every sensor is a Jabber 'user'.

  1. This allows us to detect if a sensor is online, offline or problematic.
  2. Sensors also publish information to a pubsub node to be distributed to collectors.
  3. Human users can also interact with a particular sensor by querying with the sensor. The sensor returns human friendly formatted data.
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Thanks for your response, Chuk. I guess I was wondering in general what are the use-cases. – Jade Oct 15 '10 at 18:26

We use it for chatrooms, and for distributing sports results to users watching live events.

Google Buzz and Facebook talk is built on it.

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