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I'd like to allow user to "become a fan" of certain Facebook page in my iPhone app. How can I do that without leave my app, i.e.:

  • user choose to "become a fan" of a predefined page
  • Facebook login dialog shows up within app
  • the app sends "become a fan" request via Facebook API
  • the Facebook dialog closes and return to app

Some source code samples will be very helpful.

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Check out this method on how to allow the user to become a fan on the iPhone. The problem here is that the user will leave your application and must have the Facebook app installed on his deviec...

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I can't get that method to work. No matter what NSURL I use, the facebook app opens to a blank page, if not connecting to a user. – Smikey Feb 8 '11 at 14:21

Regarding the method suggested by ibeitia, it currently doesn't work reliably. There is a known bug in the Facebook application which displays a blank screen instead of your facebook page (unless the user's last action was visiting another profile page).

You can follow up here:

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